Indonesian Wedding Experience

A wedding is a sacred event. Every country has different rules and cultures on how to conduct a wedding. In Indonesia, it depends on the couple. Whether they want it to be a modern wedding concept or traditional wedding concept. 

January, 5th 2020. The cultural aspect is one important aspect that should be included in BIPA learning because language and culture can not be separated. Some BIPA students of Sanggar Bahasa had experienced an Indonesian wedding together. The wedding was held on the Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP) UGM. This event gave them the opportunity to feel the local wedding vibe. They were wearing beskap for the men and kebaya for the woman. They were so excited to attend the wedding because it's their first time to attend such of event. They are happy to get a chance to receive such culture from the country they live in while studying.

This is such an honor for Sanggar Bahasa to be a mediator who helps our students to experience the event and culture.